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Most dangerous feat in magic! BulletCatch as done by famous Magicians Worldwide including Americans David Blaine-Penn & Teller-Criss Angel- Dorothy Dietrich, others, etc. Explaination & presentation methods & dangers, deaths, killings, failures, injuries, etc.

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20 Who Died
1500's To The Present
Pre 1900
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A few who beat the Bullet Catch JINX (so far!)

HOUDINI. The only stunt Houdini backed away from was the bullet catch, his friend, Dean of Magic, Harry Keller warned Houdini that there were too many things that could go wrong & requested that he not do the stunt: Harry Kellar wrote to Houdini: " "Now, my dear boy, this is advice from the heart, DON'T TRY THE DAMN Bullet Catching..no matter how sure you may feel of its success. There is always the biggest kind of risk that some dog will "job" you. & we can't afford to lose Houdini. You have enough good stuff to maintain your position at the head of the profession. & you owe it to your friends & your family to cut out all stuff that entails risk of your life. Please, Harry, listen to your old friend Kellar who loves you as his own son & don't do it." Houdini had announced that would try the stunt at a benefit after well known headlining magician Chung Ling Soo (also a Bro. Mason whose real name was William Ellsworth Robinson) had been killed performing it, but Houdini assented to Brother Keller's sage advice. He did the upside down strait jacket instead. Houdini, as a youngster, had experimented with the bullet catch & throughout his life had a bullet loged in his hand from an accident. "M-U-M", August 19th 1919, an article by Houdini, called "New Light on the Bullet Catching Trick"
Theo Bamberg (Okito) Okito. Bullet-Catch. Three typed pages by Okito titled, Is The game worth the Candle? This is Okito's opinion on the dangers of performing the bullet catch. He references those who have performed this dangerous feat, including Okito's first-hand experience of seeing Alexander Herrmann's version of the bullet catch. Bamberg speaks of Professor Epstein, Chung Ling Soo & Milbourne Christopher. This letter also provides details & a drawing done by Okito of a gun barrel. He writes: "My father had the intention in taking this effect in his repertoire, his technique was as follows: The pistol used was a rebuild affair & executed by a skillful gunsmith..." Okito continues the description along with the fact that his father's nerves got the best of him & he never produced the trick.
"Randi. There is one trick that even he would not attempt the infamous bullet catch."

PENN & TELLER & the Bullet Catch.
Penn & Teller Penn & Teller Penn & Teller
An amazing magical presentation of the bullet catch trick by these two stars of magic. "Things can horribly wrong, even in reasonably safe tricks," Penn Jillette once remarked. "Chung Ling was shot in the chest & killed by an assistant in 1918. In 1880, Raoul Curran was doing his medicine show featuring the bullet catch trick. A heckler in the audience stood & shouted, 'If you can do that, catch this!' Curran caught the slug from the heckler-murderer's non-trick gun square in his forehead. I had a few gang-bangers in L.A. yell to me, 'Hey, man, are you that guy who can catch bullets in your teeth?' I threw my hands up & screamed, 'It's a trick!'"

Penn & Teller did not invent their version of the Bullet Catch. When they played Jones Hall, they spent some time with BANACHEK at his home. BANACHEK showed them a video of his "Bullet Catch" act. "The gun is fired & I catch the bullet in my teeth. The bullets, markings are checked by the audience members & everyone breathes again." Hearing he no longer performs the act, they bought the "Bullet Catch" for a nice piece of change. "I was compensated well," is the way the BANACHEK put it. banachek

Famous American magician DOROTHY DIETRICH, is the first & only women in history to catch a bullet in the mouth. She has also performed the second most dangerous stunt in magic, the escape from a straight jacket while suspended high in the air from a burning rope.

Another historic event. Famous American magician Dorothy Dietrich becomes the first women in history to catch a bullet in her mouth. Each time she has done it, it was done under strict conditions with a commitee from the sponsor of the event instructed to buy the bullets ahead of time, keep them under guard & bring them to the event to assure that live ammunition was in play.


Picture on national TV of first freely chosen sample bullet shot in wall that Dorothy will stand in front of...

This longer 7 minute video has a short biography of famous American magician Dorothy Dietrich, shows the test firing of one of the randomly selected bullets going into the wall in front of which Dorothy will stand, & the ambulances arriving before the second randomly fired bullet is caught.

The Bullet Catch at Donald Trump 10th anniversary Resorts International in Atlantic City

Go to Woman Magician Famous American magician DOROTHY DIETRICH's home Page.

In a recent press release from CRISS ANGEL, magician & star of A&E's series Mindfreak, he expresses his concerns about the network possibly not wanting to air an episode of his show in which Korn's Jonathan Davis took part. Here is why:

"I did something that is a famous effect that 12 magicians have tried to do & died" to catch a bullet in your teeth. I wanted to devise a way to really try to do it. I had a ballistics expert fabricate a metal cup for my mouth designed to absorb the .22 bullet. & I had a sharpshooter, a guy who is an incredible shot - Jon Davis from the band Korn. & we were successful in doing it. We did it & I didn't kill myself! I want to show people."

This quote appeared in USA Today.

Angel's copied the presentation done by famous American magician Dorothy Dietrich many years before using a "a sharpshooter" & "I had a ballistics expert fabricate a metal cup for my mouth designed to absorb the .22 bullet".

HansMorettiBullet.jpg Hans Moretti, a true creative genius in magic did his own unique version of the Bullet Catch. A marksman using his own unprepared single shot 22 Rangemaster rifle handed Moretti a full box of 22 bullets. Moretti had an audience member pick out any three  drop them in a glass. From this point on Moretti never touched the bullets or the rifle. He had the audience member pick out one of three different colored markers & mark the three bullets. The audience member then picked any of the three from the glass, handed it to the marksman who then fired it through an unprepared pane of glass knocking down a large metal can that became penetrated through and through. He then had the audience member pick one of the two remaining bullets, and hand it to the marksman. Moretti then moved the pane of glass with the bullet hole aside slightly, got behind the pane of glass, cautioning the rifleman not to fire through the same bullet hole. Moretti put on goggles to protect his eyes from shards of glass. The rifleman on Moretti's command fired, the bullet penetrated the glass, Moretti lunged back and and without going near his mouth, spit the bullet into the glass, marked with the choosen color, to a strong audience reaction.

In 1980, CARL SKENES performed his "bullet catch" on the television show, "That's Incredible!"

Carl Skenes Carl Skenes Carl Skenes
Carl earned notoriety that has remained with him to this day, even earning mentions from several celebrities on VH1's "I Love the 80s," & a mention in "Ripley's Believe It or Not" column. Carl subsequently performed this on the international shows "Super Sabado" (Puerto Rico), "Fantastico" (Venezuela), & "We're Number One!" (Japan), & "That's Incredible" re-aired in 2004 on the "That's Incredible! Reunion." This series was controversial in that "an expose in a May 1982 issue of TV Guide revealed several of the programs' stunts to be rigged or, even worse, straight out frauds."

That's Incredible! "The popular 1980s reality-show precursor traded primarily in eye-opening stunts (a chimp tending bar, a plane landing on a moving truck, jousters on top of cars, a man 'catching' a bullet with his mouth), & the credibility of some segments was occasionally called into question (a May 1982 issue of TV GUIDE revealed that several 'death-defying' acts had been rigged)."
"An expose in a May 1982 issue of TV Guide revealed several of the programs' stunts to be rigged or, even worse, straight out frauds. But this had absolutely NO effect on the shows' producers." http://www.oocities.org/barbie24_61/thats_incredible.htm

Carl's other magic related performances include balloon animal sculpture twister, magic shows, & mostly Santa Claus! https://www.gigsalad.com/carl_skenes_orlando Like most magicians, with the exception of Penn & Teller, he claimed to really catch a bullet with no trickery.

SEBASTIAN, "The Human Target" (Edward Sebastian Adriani) The bullets are fired from a specially modified .22 calibre rifle & travel at 750 miles an hour. The tricks of his trade are good marksmanship, carbide-steel dentures & the special rifle, an Olympic competition model, made for accuracy. To prove Sebastian actually catches the bullet in his teeth, both bullet & shell are marked by volunteers prior to the shot. After the bullet has been fired, the bullet & shell markings are matched. The shot is fired from a distance of 35 feet by a qualified marksman. He introduced his bullet-catch act on April 13, 1976, in Miami, Fla., after several years of "intense and careful practice." Sebastian sacrificed his own teeth for the steel dentures, a pair of specially-constructed teeth of cold-pressed steel with carbine inserts. "It took me three weeks to convince my dentist that I was serious when I asked him to pull my teeth out. He didn't want to take them out because I had very good teeth." Why would a person want to become a bullet catcher? " I had been interested in it since I was a kid." "But things can go wrong. You can't afford to daydream, cough or sneeze." While performing at a show in Washington, a child jolted the sharpshooter as he prepared to fire. The bullet narrowly missed my head & slammed into a backdrop of hay. "That was too close for comfort." Sebastian said he doesn't get nervous, because "I know my field and business, and bullet catching is my field." "The men behind the gun are precision shooters they don't make mistakes," "I make a six-figure salary a year in the short four-month season." "I do it because I like it. I like tbe reaction it has on the audience. It's a feat that outrages reason." When he and his longtime Green Beret marksman separated, he would have a local sherrif fire the bullet, or if he felt unconfortable with that, he would bring in his own marksman. A police officer marksman is selected at random, which makes it even more dangerous. The officer is told to use his own bullets. The Great Sebastian is the only man to do it this way, today - His own unique way! Sebastain claims to be the only living bullet catcher. "The only other ones are dead," he says. To document his unique claim to leaden fame, Sebastian sends a list of the fates of past practitioners of the bullet catch. Viewers of ABC's Wide World of Sports may recall that Ralph Bialla tried the trick for a national television audience. He missed, returned to his native Germany and died several months later of the injuries. To prevent Sebastian's name being added to the list, he and his marksman, a onetime Green Beret named Dana Zornes, practice daily on target accuracy and timing. After biting the bullet, he drops it into a plastic cup and holds it aloft for all to see. Sebastian says he doesn't like to talk about his act. "It will only encourage some poor fool to go and try it," he says. He'll also welcome all comers to a game of tic-tac-toe and says he'll beat anyone blindfolded. Like the bullet catch, he says he's never lost. Sebastian, decided suddenly yesterday he wanted his own marksman firing the weapon instead of Sheriff Nate Thomas. Although newsmen were told the sheriff would fire the Remington Rangemaster rifle at Sebastian he decided against it. Newsmen suggested that Sebastian let the sheriff perform the act, but Sebastian politely avoided those suggestions. "I would have to see how well the sheriff shoots on a rifle range. He would have to be a master marksman before I would let him do it." Edward Sebastian Adriani is appearing at the fairgrounds today. There is no admission charge for the public, & is sponsored jointly by the Tennessee State Fair and the sheriff's office The bullets fired from the specially modified .22 calibre rifle, travel at nearly 1,200 mph. When he spit a bullet into a container his wife sighed with relief. "I guess it is like a woman who watches her husband shot out of a cannon except it is about 10 times worse," the attractive blond said of her husband's act. Sabrina, 21, met her 50 plus year old husband in a library in Virginia as he was passing through town, She also performed a feat at yesterday's exhibition. Sabrina performs various acts concerning hypnosis and mental suggestion. She also said she makes predictions, and has for several years. "I have been reading and studying about hypnosis and mind-control since I was a child," she said, adding she has made several predictions in recent years which have later come true. "I predicted Nixon would resign, she said. Sebastian
On loan to The Houdini Museum, Scranton, PA. From the collection of Dorothy Dietrich.
A few credits include:
1978, The Philadelphia Civic Center with the "Hunt Circus," Albuquerque, N. M.,Sport Show.
1979, in Vegas at Circus Circus.
1980, toured with the King Bros. Circus.
1981 Pontiac, Mich., Silverdome for a sports show. The act was booked by William Shilling.
1981 Kansas City, Mo., Bartle Expo Hall Sports Show.
19th annual New Mexico Sports Show at the Convention Center. His bullet catch was exhibited at many sports shows around the country and in circuses, civic centers, stadiums, night clubs, casinos and on TV.

DAVID BLAINE did a version of the Bullet Catch, along the lines of famous American magician Dorothy Dietrich, on his special "Dive of Death!" Everytime Dorothy would run into David at a show or Houdini auction, he would point at her & say "Bullet Catch" So Dick Brookz would say to her, "I'll bet someday he is going to do the Bullet Catch!"

David Blaine & famous American magician Dorothy Dietrich have been known to keep a team of medics trained in on-site trauma handy for the bullet catch.
This would be followed by another presentation on a TV special "Beyond Magic" in 2016 where "BLAINE attempts one of the most famous & deadliest effects in magic." "For the first time in history, the magician was also the marksman." On this special short film clips of two legendary entertainers are shown doing the bullet catch in the mouth, Ted Annemann (committed suicide two weeks before the performance.) Dorothy Dietrich speculates that a contributing factor to the suicide could have been that his method was not suitable for indoors.
Note, Dorothy Dietrich is Acknowledged above.

Click here INJURIES PAGE and for more David Blaine including 30 minute video at the bottom of the page.

The bullet catch trick has a long dark history, mostly done by leading performers.

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